Sad and Mad as of the Moment

Life is very much balanced. When there are times you are up, you would surely feel the downside next!

After winning the My SM City Bacolod Story Blog Contest, I was greatly saddened thereafter. My husband who hasn’t been home for two nights told me that he has forgotten about my mobile phone! He said he left it with one of his friends but when I asked them about it, they said my mobile phone was nowhere to be found at their home. I was greatly shocked and distressed with the news aside from the fact that my mom is already mad at him for not bothering to come home despite my situation of being pregnant. She said if he always does that (three times since my mother arrived), she worries where to ask for emergency medical assistance when something happens to me especially I am nearing my 9th month.

Some may think that I am fussing too much over a mobile phone, well, if I have plenty of money, I will not fuss either. But considering the fact that he already lost three mobile phones because of his drunkenness (one sold for a couple of beers and the two lost along the way which included mine) and one because of his carelessness (sleeping over it causing it to break), I think I have the right in the world to get mad at him. Right??

Though losing my mobile phone means I need to restart building my contact list, what really bothers me most is that I need to buy a reloader sim pack and apply for a new Smart Money card again. I was preparing that sim card for selling electronic loads when my mom and I will start selling in our little store. We are hoping that even cents of a profit can help sustain our daily needs when the time comes that I will be restricted from doing online tasks because of the coming of our newest member. But sadly, some people are just too selfish and careless. I really don’t know what to wish for him right now. All I know is that I am sad and mad as of the moment!

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13 thoughts on “Sad and Mad as of the Moment

  1. Girl,

    Following our previous YM conversation, I have no more words on this issue. (Feeling mad din, anubah). Anyway, regarding any emergency… call me. I am in the block. Basta, anything ok?

  2. hay uban bana ana gyd no akoa pod lain nga klase ang probs hay life lagi di masabot. Mommy ako lang ikaingon take it easy kay buntis ka hunahuna ang imo baby imo bana na ambot unsaon na siya….

  3. tsk…tsk…tsk…I don’t have the right to get mad at your hubby but…ganyan ba dapat ang ugali ng pamilyado? i must say, murag baga na jud kaau sya nawong Mommy. I was hoping he would reform ‘coz naa na diha imo mother.

  4. Shocks! I personally don’t know you nor your husband but I’m enraged with his attitude.Are you willing to put up with that,your whole life? Has anyone told you that he’s not right for you? Or has anyone told him that he should start picking himself up especially now that you’re on the family way?Tsk tsk. By reading your posts,I think you’re a very mature and independent woman.You’re madiskarte,highly skilled,empowered.I don’t think you deserve less.I’m saddened about your story,at least on this one. I hope there are a lot of good sides in him para majustify that he’s worth keeping.Otherwise,you know it girl.

  5. You have every right [and left] to be upset….este MAD pala. Baka naman madami si hubby pera to buy another one for you….tee hee….jokes lang.

    Inhale, exhale…inhale, exhale….o di ba parang breathing exercise pag nag le labor.

    Take it easy.

  6. Mommy, this is really sad 🙁 hay… pero take it easy. Just think of the life inside your womb.

    Ako rin mommy nagbebenta ng e-load 😀 La lng, sayang din ung extrang kita. Smart at Globe lng binebenta ko hehehe…

  7. mommy, nakakarelate ako. Pero I just hope na sana you’ll find peace in your heart…wag masyado ma stress for the baby, malapit na siya lumabas..

    I can’t blame you naman, kasi I perfectly understand how you feel…sana magbago na siya…

    I’ll pray for you…

  8. Thank guys for all your comments. I appreciate your concern.

    I am so thankful to blogging. At least I can really pour out my aches and pains. Thank God for this medium!

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