Sailing Home, Again?


My father called me the other week. He informed me that due to some circumstances, my mom couldn’t go with my daughter here in Bacolod. He said I have no choice but to come home and fetch my daughter. Since we are financially restricted, he told me that he will help shoulder the expenses for me and my children in getting back here. He also said it would also be nice if I could attend my daughter’s birthday next Monday with them and since their school will end on March 20, I only need to wait for a few days and we will be ready to sail back to here in Bacolod.

I really loved the idea since my husband won a consolation prize at their company’s singing contest. So we have enough money for my fare and also for my son David in going to Cagayan de Oro. But my husband couldn’t come with us because they have important things to do at work. The possibility of getting a vacation leave this March is far beyond reality.

So, if my doctor says I could travel then my son and I would probably leave for Cagayan de Oro this coming Tuesday. Probably we might spend two to three weeks there since the passenger ship only sails once a week to Cagayan de Oro and vice-versa. Anyway, I will be visiting the doctor tomorrow. When she says OK, I will immediately buy a ticket for next day.

Hmmm, I guess I will be visiting my hometown earlier than I expected for this year. I was expecting to visit on November when we will bring our (hopefully) newborn baby to my parents and in-laws. But I guess, life has plenty of surprises despite the pressing struggles.

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