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Sailing Home and Some Updates *


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Yesterday, my hubby accompanied my son and me to my OB doctor. I was scheduled to have a pre-natal check-up today but I have to do it earlier because I have plans to sail home. And guess what?! I am definitely cleared for travel!! Yup, my son and I have our tickets purchased after the check-up. Around 1:30 PM later today, we will be sailing to my hometown in Cagayan de Oro City. We will probably spend a week or two there depending on the circumstances and financial standings for our fare back here in Bacolod.

You know, I am kind of missing my hubby already. I am not used to be away from him even for a few days. When he was in Manila, I was not in the mood of going out the mall. I always believed that if we want to work out this marriage, we need to be together. Oh well, this is only temporal. As if we will be separated for months, only a few days or weeks only. To be honest, though I will be missing him, I am rather excited to go home. Why? I will be fetching my daughter. That means we will be complete again when we will return home here in Bacolod! Isn’t that exciting and hopeful? Aside from that, I will be with here in time for her 9th birthday!

Anyway, I have no gift for my daughter yet. I haven’t gotten the budget since we need to save up for our fare home. I was shocked yesterday that the fare has dramatically increased by the hundreds since November 2008. So I guess, I need to explain to her that I have to save up again for her birthday gift. I was planning to give her some sports gifts. Not a ball or something, but a sports program for her this summer. I guess it would be great for her to start back here in Bacolod with meeting new friends and be active in sports. But of course, I will ask her for that if she likes the idea.

Ok, before I start packing up a few things, I would like to make an update on our baby. Yesterday, I finally have heard my baby’s heartbeat using the doctor’s Doppler. I cried a bit because I was always worried about our baby. I wanted to know that he or she is OK inside. I don’t want for the thing that happened to Baby Jonathan happen again. It’s just too hard to bear such thought!

About my UTI, I still have it and I am still worried. I kept thinking of things on how it might affect the baby. So the doctor texted me that I should get more laboratory tests. Since I am traveling, I have asked her if it would be OK if I have the test in my hometown, she said it was OK. She needed to know more about my UTI so that she can prescribe the suitable antibiotic.

So, I have to go and pack up now. We need to be at the pier before 12:30NN so that we can get a much suitable and comfortable bunk to sleep at the passenger ship. I will try to be back later if I could still make some new posts before I leave. Chow for the moment!


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Elvz March 10, 2009 - 8:03 am

Take care mommy Rubs, i will also pray for your safety 🙂

God bless!

admin March 10, 2009 - 8:41 am

Hello Mommy Elvz! Thanks for being my first commenter. Anyway, I am hoping for a safe and comfortable travel today. I just wish my body would cooperate and so as my baby boy who is excited with the boat ride. 😆


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