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I was really amazed about the science brought about the latest medical breakthrough of finding use of what people view as a woman’s waste. I never thought that C’elle or anybody could come up of using woman’s menstrual fluids to save lives of its owner or close relatives. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, it is true.

Each stem cell from a woman’s menstrual fluid can be used to potentially help treat diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, diabetes, stroke and even possibility of cosmeceutical purposes such as anti-aging and wound-healing. As a woman, you can help save lives by collecting stem cells using C’elle Kit. This is then stored in a cryo-lab for future use.

You can now purchase two C’elle’s Kist for only $499 online and practically save $200! Storing up for the future can be help save lives even yourself! To know more of this great medical advancement, please visit the website and view C’elle Client Testimonial.

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