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Wiping and sweeping the floor was the old fashion way of cleaning the house. But in today’s current lifestyle, people are always running against time, they prefer doing it with a vacuum cleaner. Aside from saving time on cleaning chores, others prefer it because it can really suck the dust on places where an ordinary broom can’t reach.

As for me, I bought a mini vacuum cleaner around the middle of this year. I really needed it because the dust accumulation in my room in Cagayan was very heavy all the time. So I always need a major cleaning almost all the time.

Anyway, maybe you need a new one for yourself; I have found a great website that offers 10% off if you accumulate an order of $20 on all vacuum cleaners bags belts filters brushrolls machines and other parts. Just use the coupon code EZVAC10 at www.ezvacuum.com. And to top all that, they offer FREE shipping if you order above $50. Of course the shipping promo applies in the greater US only but international orders are welcome but normal shipping and handling rates are applicable.

All major credit cards are accepted through the use of Google Checkout. By the way, be sure to visit their Holiday Gifts category for some Christmas shopping ideas!

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