Saved by Computer Rentals

When I arrived here in Cagayan de Oro, I didn’t get my internet connection immediately. What I immediate did when I arrived was to window shopped for connections available. They don’t have bundled packages here that is why I have no choice but to choose broadband connection. Though I missed my DSL connection in Bacolod, I can’t do anything much about it but accept it.
So, while I waited for my connection, I was happy that there are available computer rentals around our neighborhood. It really saved my day. I was able to check some email and greeted some friends online. But of course, I was not able to work because many teenagers were there. They were playing online games and were shouting at each other. I couldn’t concentrate. :(Now, I do have my connection at home. But still couldn’t concentrate because my kiddos are hyper with having their cousin living with us at my parent’s house. HEHEHE…

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