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Saved on Freight Expenses

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When my father travelled from Manila to Cagayan de Oro, he chooses to ride a passenger vessel that will pass by our city so that he could leave us some packages. So when the day came, we went to the pier to meet him. When he arrived at the pier, he immediately went down to hand as over his packages. After that, he went back to the passenger vessel because he can’t leave his belongings unattended at his deck.

After he left us, we immediately went home and opened the goodies. We were so amazed that he brought a lot of things with him, not to mention he used a plastic cabinet as a container for all of them. Anyway, most of the contents where household things and bed covers. Aside from these things, he included two (2) used golf balls for my children to pay with and some angel figurines.

The experience of getting packages by that manner was quite astonishing. My father was able to save big time from freight expenses. We only paid for the motor cab and the porter to carry the plastic cabinet from the passenger vessel down to the pier which by the way is minimal. Indeed it was a great savings for us!!

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