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Savings and Busy Months Ahead

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If you have noticed, I have already installed a Christmas countdown banner. It’s just a little something to remind me that the season is fast approaching. I need to be reminded also that I must save up something for the kiddos. I have been paying my credit card bills to the fullest and have compromised many wants of my children.

Anyway, I am not planning to spoil my children but of course, I don’t want them to be like me also. I belong to a poor family and all the toys that I have desired before was not given to me. So now, it’s my turn to provide for them and I will try to work very hard just to give them what they desire even during Christmas only.

But before the Christmas comes, the birthday of my hubby, my baby boy and my blog is coming up. I need to save for that one too. And yes, I am planning to have another contest to celebrate my first blogoversary (sponsors anyone?).

Oh well, save, save and more savings needed! Looking forward to a busy months ahead.

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daisy August 19, 2008 - 9:22 am

hi Ruby!

I’m interested in sponsoring your contest. hehehe but i can only give EC credits. how’s that? 🙂


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