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Scandalous Death

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Just last week, our peaceful city was shocked by scandalous news. Two couple found dead inside a car that was submerged in water at one of our ports here in the city. Both were found almost naked. The man was married, aged 57, while the female was a 4th year nursing student, age 22. No one knows if it was foul-play or just an accident.

Anyway, since it was a very scandalous death, will the family of the man (who was a rich business man by the way) receive insurance benefits? Will the man benefit from his high life insurance rate? Well, my husband answered me yes. As long as it will be proven to be an accident, the family of the man will get something.

It was a big question for me since their death was so very mysterious. The police have many theories while many people have speculations. So, you can’t avoid thinking what will the family get out from this scandalous death. I pity the children of the married man. They will face shame and so as the family of the girl.

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