School Opening is at Hand: Protect Your Kids!


We all know that school opening is just around the corner. Kids will start waking up early and go to school. They will face, prepare or not, whatever challenges come their way. Not only in academics, but also the weather and the pollutants they have to face.

As moms, we all know that we should protect our children from all sort of nemesis that can cause harm to our children’s health. We try to battle it with whatever we know is right for them.

Let me share to you three ways that I learned on how to protect your kids from everyday health challenges…

1. Keep your children hydrated. Juices are OK, but nothing beats water. Let them drink water all throughout the day. My children may not be water drinkers, but I always remind them to drink. Health experts recommend that we should drink at least 8 glasses a day. If your kids can’t consume all of that, don’t fret. You can gradually introduce water drinking to their lifestyle. Start by including water to their “baon” daily.

2. Eat healthy food. One of the things I learned as a mom is that feeding your kids for the sake of not feeling hungry is different from giving them the right food at the right time. There are many alternative and easy to prepare foods that are being marketed today that sometimes, we being busy at home and at work, we tend to prepare these things. But, if you look closer, not all of them are healthy with added chemicals. They are fortified with vitamins and minerals, but generally, they are not the ideal food to keep our children healthy. They can keep them from being hungry, but never healthy. We need to prepare, as much as possible, healthy foods to keep them combat-ready from sicknesses and diseases.

3. Give them health supplements. Number one supplement that shouldn’t be missing in your stash is Vitamin C. Our children are faced with stress when they are at school. Studies show that Vitamin C is beneficial to individuals whose immune system is weakened due to stress. To help boost their immune system, Vitamin C is essential. Aside from that, Vitamin C may not be the cure from common colds but it can help prevent more serious complications. So to make sure your kids will enjoy school and home, keep them boosted with Vitamin C! But mommas, don’t just give them any Vitamin C, don’t forget to check what you are giving to your kids. Make it a habit na silipin ang C! Give them non-acidic Vitamin C just like FERN-C kidz. FERN-C kidz is sodium ascorbate (non-acidic Vitamin C) plus Zinc. It helps improve immunity and has a Quali-C seal that ensures quality. Zinc is essential for growing children. It is the required mineral in building new tissues. It may also reduce the frequency of mild upper respiratory tract infections.

4. Prayer. Divine intervention always works in whatever occasion in our lives and in our children. Praying for our kids always works wonders. Pray not only for their health but also in many other things that may harm the well-being of our children.

Though we may already know these things, but sometimes, busyness gets in the way. So to remind us, and make sure our kids are protected on a daily basis even we are not with them 24 hours a day, providing them these things can help assure us.

Lifestyle Mommy Blogger and Virtual Assistant from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. Aside from doing product reviews and events coverage, she blogs about solo parenting, homeschooling, and things in between.


  • Mommy Sigrid

    Hydration is very important. It had been so hot and humid in our city for many months now. I always remind the kids to drink water. I also let them bring their own water bottles every time they go out. It’s a good thing that we are homeschooling in because I get to minimize their health risks.

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