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Searching for Easy Recipes with Pictures

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Did I ever mention before that I don’t know how to cook? Yup, I am quite ashamed with that really. I mean after resigning from my managerial post, I always come short of recipes on what to cook. I guess my only consolation from cooking the same recipe over and over again is when my daughter always says that if I am the one who cooks, she always like to eat more! Talk about a very appreciative daughter.
Well, aside from learning technical stuffs and searching money making opportunities, I also search for new recipes. Though I am afraid to try (don’t want to waste money from spoils) new recipes, it didn’t stop me from looking. To be honest, I am searching for simple ones and with pictures. Why with pictures? I really wanted to see if my end-result would be similar to where I copied the recipe (at least the look, close enough to taste…LOL!). I found a blog called Melanie Cooks but I thought the title should be Melanie’s Easy Recipes With Pictures! The recipes on her blog really imply easy and pictures. The ingredients are easy to find, the directions are easy to follow and with pictures of the end results. Actually, I haven’t tried it yet but I already bookmarked the blog. And guess what, I am planning to try her Hawaiian Pizza Recipe – my favorite! By the way, for those who are diet conscious, better visit the blog because she has recipes on vegetarian main dishes too.
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raqgold May 10, 2008 - 12:09 pm

happy mother’s day. would you be cooking or would you be pampered today? when i got married, i dont know a thing about cooking. good thing the hubby is a good cook 😀


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