Second Sproutwell Webisode!


This is just so hilarious! Remember my post about the Sproutwells – the first webisode that tell the story about Mrs. Romaina Sproutwell being welcomed by their neighbor Rosy? Now, they have introduced the second installment where Ruby Red and Baby Green were able to meet a vegetable looking dog at Rosy’s place. They called him Phyto. Then suddenly a package was delivered at the doorsteps of the Sproutwells which made Rosy curious.

Of all the characters, I like Mrs. Romaina Sproutwell, she is naturally funny without her knowing it. She reminds me of my mom too, who stays positive in every situation. In the new episode, I liked it when Baby Green named the dog Phyto but it was typically spoiling when his sister named it again with the same name.

Since, this is the second webisode, I was curious with the FreshFunds.com because every time the webside ends – you can see their URL. When I went to the website, I saw Ruby Red then the tag line that says they will be giving out prizes on August 15, today! Hmmm… Sound really exciting isn’t it? I kept on visiting the site every now and then to check if the prizes up for grabs are already revealed.

By the way, here is a copy of the second webisode. Have fun viewing!

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