Security Cameras at Home

I am thankful that I am running a tight ship here in our home. After all, we live in a small apartment and we do not have servants, just my family and my mom. And of course, I stay at home and work at home.

If I work in an office and if we have servants, I think I would have to have remote security at home. Of course, we could not fully trust maids. Some of them turn out to be either petty thieves or worse, work with a syndicate that robs houses. Or they could hurt your children. I have seen too many horror maids and baby sitters on the internet and I would not want them to hurt my family. Or they could be sleeping with the husband.

But thankfully, technology allows us these security cameras so that bad intentions can be thwarted. Or at least there is evidence of who did the wrongdoing.

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14 thoughts on “Security Cameras at Home

  1. Hi. First time here, visiting thru TBE.

    We have a kasambahay but since I work at home, there’s no need for security cameras =)

    Sam Finds

  2. I think security cameras are helpful to those moms who leave their children at home and work in the office. Because there are really maids who hurt the kids. But some don’t have this due to budget constraints. Thank God, I’m a work-at-home mom.

    Thanks Mommy Rubz for this.

  3. if ever i would hire a yaya, i would really buy security cameras. lagot sa akin ang yaya pag may ginawa siya hehe.

  4. I want to set up a home security camera that is motion sensitive to record video when it detects motion and record the video on my home PC. I need to know what to buy exactly, I dont’ think I have a video recording card. Any brand names that are good would help and where to buy them.Thanks a lot.

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