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Seeing Nice View Lessens Stress

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There are many things that cause stress, in fact, many things in our daily routine causes anxiety, stress, and fatigue. Commuting, traffic and the pollution that comes with living in the city can also contribute to the stressed-out feeling that we have. Sometimes we go on vacation and appreciate nice views to be relieved and relaxed.

Research has shown that chronic stress has a negative impact on the body in ways similar to lack of sleep, having a poor diet or sedentary lifestyle. Thus we need to keep it under control and find stress relievers without leaving home and going on a vacation.

One effective means to combat stress and relieve you mentally and physically is to practice yoga and some exercise. Stress causes abnormalities in our system and by doing exercise and yoga, we regain our natural rhythm, our sleep, and awake cycles and even regulates metabolic and psychological processes of the body. Yoga reinforces mind and body connection. You can achieve better impact when you exercise and listen to music as well. It would be a bonus if you can do yoga in a peaceful nook with very nice view to lessen stress even more.

This is one thing that many of us crave for. A home with nice panoramas what we can all appreciate at the end of the day can reduce stress and makes you feel better. Looking trees, lush greens or the water does not only refresh tired eyes, it is also effective reducing our stress levels.

Feeling stress and looking for ways to feel relaxed reminds me of the wonderful location of Primavera Residences in uptown Cagayan De Oro. The property is easily accessible to malls, gasoline stations, various dining options and many commercial centers. However, the greenery surrounding it is a major plus. You get a spectacular view of the Bay from your unit windows or enjoy a rejuvenating yoga session at the Sky Garden located aonthe building rooftop!

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