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Every time I felt so stress, I sometimes thought of checking inside some formal lodge or hotel. When I am inside a comfortable but unfamiliar room, I felt that there are no worries to bug me. I felt like the place doesn’t know me and I don’t know them therefore there is no reason for me to be disturbed or bugged by others. I can somehow get a little peace and tranquility even for just a few hours or a day.

If I were financially funded, I will not check-in locally. I would probably go as far as other countries. Stay in some places like Dallas Texas hotels or spa-resorts like of those found in the Caribbean. Since I am not, I have no choice but to face reality that life worries hunts you down where ever you go. So, the only thing to do is face it with courage and hope. As of now, that is all I have left…to have courage and hope!

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