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Self-Control is My Downfall

Have you ever wondered why it’s very easy to gain weight, yet so hard to lose it? Believe it or not, I’ve asked myself that question thousands of time before. I’m not really overweight but I do know that I weigh more than I should be weighing. I’m not too fat. But still, I want to lose weight because I know that I don’t weigh right for my height and also because I know that tipping the scales at just the right weight is good for my health.

However, I must admit that I’m really finding it hard to lose weight. I’m not going to put the blame on anything else. The problem actually lies on my inability to control myself. When I see a very appetizing food that’s basically spread out for me to eat diet plans go down the drain. Take for instance what happened the other night. I couldn’t help myself from munching on 3 pizza slices! Imagine 3 slices of pizza and we all know how sinful pizza slices are. I really need to bring my self-control several notches higher if I intend to really shed some pounds.

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  • Hazelicious

    I have the same problem on losing weight. I love to eat, no doubt about that but when we realized that we are gaining weight, it strikes us that we need to do something about it. All we want is to feel good about ourselves.

  • tejan

    nah..same with me mommy. I have no control specially when I have so many things in mind..kaon ako pahimongtan..heheh!

    mommy rubs, mg pa webhost ko hah…nus-a ka naay time, i know nglinya guro imo mga costumer:) hehhe. i hope ako na sunod..heheh!saba kaayo! excited lang kay new ko ani. thanks daan.

  • Olive

    I am now almost 7 months pregnant, and I’m already thinking of ways on how I’ll be able to get back to my original body after giving birth! I’ve gained almost 30 lbs since I became pregnant and probably around 45 lbs since I got married! Waaahhhh… for all mommies out there who want to lose weight, good luck to us!

  • Kimmy

    Losing weight is my downfall as well. In fact, I’m dreading the time when I have to start cutting on my food intake and begin exercising again. I’m pregnant now so I have an excuse to just exercise a little and eat a bit more than I should, but after my baby comes out, I’ll have to start losing weight already. Good luck to me!

  • melandriaromero

    Hmm, hope i can do that but i’m not really into self control in terms of food.

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  • OFW Resources

    maintaining ideal weight–it’s all about discipline and commitment to stay fit and healthy. it’s no so easy talaga but it one should strive for it.

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