Self Directed IRA

An IRA or Individual Retirement Account is one’s financing security when he or she retires. A self directed IRA is owning of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) which becomes the ICO (Individual COmpany, a combination of the IRA and LLC). Funds from the IRA can actually be legally transfered to the ICO exchanging with the unit shares of the ICO. With this, one can buy a real estate property with a lower cost because of the deferred capital gains through the IRA. The downpayment can be financed by the IRA through the ICO.

Being the owner of the ICO makes you to manage it, even the checkbook, that is why it is called “self directed.” You decide on your own ICO assets. Without the ICO, the IRA does not have the power of transacting. The real beauty of this arrangement is that you only pay a flat fee for the IRA custodian because you are in control of your ICO. It is a lot less cheaper than buying your real estate property the traditional way. Securities and other assets can also apply.

Conclusion, if you like more value for your retirement fund, go for owning an ICO so you can have a self directed IRA.

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