Selling and Buying in the Philippines


The first business that I engaged online that I really earned money was selling books at Ebay. I sold all of my three Harry Potter books and shipped them to Manila. That was the first hard earned money I got.

Buy and Sell in the Philippines

Now, I am planning to resume this kind of business on the side; hoping to create a buck or two from my old stuffs. So, I decided to look for a place to market my items locally. Then I found It’s an online classified in the Philippines where sellers and buyers can meet. The good thing about the site is that all items sold are categorized to regions. That means if you are a buyer, you can easily look for your needs at a place nearest you. That means less expense when it comes to shipping!

At, you are not limited to old or used things but you can also find brand new items from toys, books, electric guitars and more. You can even search for real estate properties to rent or buy! Aside from this, the platform they used is very friendly. I guess even first time users will not have a hard time selling or buying stuffs at

Anyway, if you are planning to market online particularly in the Philippines, list them at Take note, they have a promo going on if you post an AD with them. You might when digital cameras, iPhone or a vacation for two! Or if you need something, a new blouse or a computer memory perhaps, you can also check-out

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