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Sending Party Supplies to Canada

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As a Canadian, I moved to London when I came to university and never returned. I loved the English way of life so much that I decided to stay here to work. However, most of my family are still based back in Canada. Towards the end of May, Canada has a statutory holiday, Victoria Day, which is supposed to celebrate the birthday of the reigning monarch. It’s always on a Monday, much like British Bank Holidays.

My family have a silly tradition where they throw a ‘Kings and Queens’ themed party on that day every year. Everyone has the day off work and school, so they all go to my parents’ house and have a barbecue if the weather is nice and play party games with the children. I managed to go back for it last year because it’s so much fun, but this year I’ll be working unfortunately, so instead I’ll be sending some party supplies over to make sure it goes with a bang.

The first thing I decided to pack into my parcel was some snacks. There are lots of tourist shops around London selling royal-themed food, so I managed to track down some crown-shaped cookies and jewel-shaped candy and included those as treats for the kids. I normally make my own Canada-themed cupcakes, but I knew that they wouldn’t survive their time spent in transit, so decided not to include them.

I also wanted to include some decorations. I added in some maple leaf bunting and some red and white napkins for their themed table. Normally they have lots of little tealight candles to make the garden look pretty in the evening, but I decided against sending those in the post.

There are always lots of games, so I included a pack of cards for the grown ups to play with. I managed to find some great little crown-shaped party hats which I added to the parcel, along with some great costume rings so that the little ones could pretend to dress up in their finery.

I sent the parcel to Canada yesterday. I haven’t told my family I’m sending it, so I hope they’re surprised to receive it. Obviously I’m extremely sad I won’t be there celebrating with them this year, but after work I’ll hold my own celebratory party with my own family. It’s always nice to teach children about their heritage, and mine love any excuse for a party, so we’ll all be there in spirit!

About the author:

Karen Buchowski is a Canadian living in London who loves her new home but will never forget her roots

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