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Sentimental Value

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When my husband got his job a few years ago, he was issued with a laptop and with that I bought myself a printer. So every time my husband goes to work, my printer gets lonely at home because he brings the laptop to work. The only time we were able to use the printer is when my husband’s laptop is at home. We immediately work on my children’s project when he arrives from work.

After a year went by, my husband was able to get his Christmas bonus. He bought me my first PC that is capable to surf the internet. That was also the time my printer had a companion. Then a few months later, I saw a lot of HP printers on sale. Since I wanted to own a scanner, I thought that buying an HP all in one printer (scanner, photocopier and printer) is a good choice. So, I sold my old printer and then I bought myself the all in one HP printer I saw on sale.


When my old printer was sold, I was sad. As you can see, I am a person who gives sentimental value on things. So somehow, the printer was one of my possessions that reflected my desire to possess a personal computer to make my dream of becoming a stay at home mommy a reality. I always imagined myself launching my own encoding business while at home with the kids.


Now, I am a full pledge stay at home mom for almost three years now. My HP printer and my old computer are still with me. As I type this post, I am currently doing it on my new PC my husband just bought me this month!!

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