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Identity Theft is a billion dollar crime in the US. It has affected thousands upon thousands of Americans every year. Because of this, online shopping has declined due to fear of becoming a victim of this. More families have opted not to give in to many great online shopping deals because they would not want to give any details of their credit cards or even simple emails.

But fear not, a new company has finally arrived to help us shop safely online. You will never be able to give your credit card numbers again. Shop Shield is a new company that helps consumers shop online safely. It’s a guaranteed technology that keeps your privacy confidential.

This company helps protects consumers from giving private information such as credit card numbers, bank accounts, billing address, email address and even login information. With this valuable information protected, online shopping stores or any data collecting agents can no longer sell your information to any third party data buyers because such information is never given to them. Shop Shield utilizes a cutting edge technology that deciphers data and stores them in fortress of security system. This data is then encrypted and stored in multiple databases. Every time you shop online, they monitor and record all your transactions using technologies that go beyond even federal banking standards. The hardware used to store data is similar to that of the Department of Defense’s security standards, thus, assuring every client’s safety of privacy information.

Now, Shop Shield is conducting a live beta testing for everybody. It’s free to use and you can put their system to test. Learn more by visiting their website today!

Click to visit Shop Shield®.


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