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Shopping Adventures at mi Department Store at CityMall Bulua, Cagayan de Oro


A week ago, I was invited to the opening of mi Department Store in CityMall Bulua here in Cagayan de Oro City. I am familiar with CityMall because I have been to their CityMall Mandalagan Branch in Bacolod City last year, but this was my first time hearing about this company. I learned that mi Department Store is a subsidiary of Expressions Stationery Shop, Incorporated. In which case, I am very familiar with this shop. I love their stores and I frequently visit them in Manila and in Bacolod. And now, aside from mi Department Store, they have Expressions here in Cagayan de Oro City now. So knowing that mi Department Store is new to my knowledge, I went there with excitement.

Visible and Accessible Location

CityMall Bulua Branch is located at the Opol-Bulua Diversion Road, Barangay Bulua, Cagayan de Oro. To make it more familiar, it is located near the Westbound Integrated Bus and Jeepney Terminal. If you ride any public transportation going there from the city, particularly jeepneys coming from Cogon Public Market, you are bound to see it immediately. The infrastructure definitely showcases its CityMall branding of red, white, and a little green.

Going inside from the main entrance, then turn left, you will see the cinema and then the entrance to mi Department Store. You will not miss it as the entrance is so big and very inviting.

Treasures in mi Department Store

The department store is not that big. In fact, you will be able to roam around it almost immediately. But! Don’t be deceived! The place might be small but the contents are just amazing! All you need is to learn to browse around the racks to find their treasures! What do I mean by that? Well, simply put – affordable, stylish, and trendy items!!! Be it shoes, bags, accessories, and most specially apparels!!!

I went there with my daughter and some of my close friends from Keeping Up with the TERS, fashion and fitness blogger, Em Aban, and lifestyle and fashion blogger, Judy Teves. We were definitely amazed how fashionable and affordable the items are. Well, I am not that fashionable, though I know how to check out on trendy clothes, as a mommy blogger, I am definitely loving the affordable aspect of the place. Being a single mom to three children, buying clothes is not an easy feat for me. But if you find a place that fits your budget, all I can say, I definitely hit the gold mine!

Of course, I roamed around several times. I immediately hit the racks to find something for my children and also something for myself. And as expected, I found items that I know my children will definitely love!

My Shopping Finds

Let us start with my youngest. I bought her a pink expression t-shirt. The t-shirt may come out sarcastic, but my youngest daughter is not. She is a very frank person. She is sweet, friendly, but very honest. The t-shirt just shows humor that we share within the family. Hahaha…

Then I bought a uniquely designed t-shirt for my son. He just celebrated his 15th birthday and I wanted him to own a trendy and stylish looking t-shirt. The size was just right for him.

And because my eldest daughter was with me, she saw something that she really liked. With no further delay, she placed it on our basket immediately!

Then lastly, I looked for something for myself. I am the t-shirt and jeans kind of mom, but because of my knowledge in the blogging and working from home industry, I have been invited several times as a resource speaker to which having a presentable dress is always a dilemma. So, I looked for a blouse and slacks that would fit my personality. And thank you! I found a stylish black blouse and black slacks that is to my liking. My friends and even my daughter agreed that my choice was excellent. to be honest, I can’t wait to wear it to one of my future speaking engagements!

All of my choices are based on our preferences, its trendiness, and affordability. But you can see, I was not able to see them immediately. Because they only have a small place to display their items on mannequins, not all their beautiful items are shown. That is why, as I mentioned earlier, their treasures are all at the racks! You have to browse them meticulously to find the best and the most affordable find!

Staff and Payment Transactions

The sales staff are all friendly and accommodating. The security is strict. And the cashiers were fast and efficient. Paying for the items was swift and convenient. They accept both cash and credit cards.

Worth the Time and Money

My shopping adventures at mi Department Store in CityMall Bulua was definitely worth it. The time finding the right and fair-priced items for my children and I was something I really enjoyed. My budget was stretched for everyone to get something and the feeling was amazing!

As the gift-giving season approaches, I recommend that you visit mi Department Store in CityMall Bulua. I am sure you’ll find something for everyone in there. Aside from the apparels, shoes, bags, and accessories, you will also find makeups, toiletries, toys, small appliances, and home furnishings. You will find something for each of your family and friends. Your budget will surely be stretched for all!!!

To know the latest trends and promotions from mi Department Store, don’t forget to follow their social media accounts at Facebook and Instagram!

For more photos of what’s inside mi Department Store, check out this short video below…

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