Showing Off My Hubby’s Gift

I was busy researching about Mopar performance parts the other day when my husband told me that he will be giving me something in the next few days. He said I will get something that I needed and would really love to have. Being puzzled by what he meant, I just replied “OK, that would be very nice!”

Few days have pass and finally he told me yesterday what was his gift was. He said I will be getting a new pair of Levi’s jeans!! Hoorah!! I was so happy! So we immediately went to the mall and got myself one.

And when we arrived home, I immediately wore it to show it off to my mom. My mother was really happy too. She said to my husband to do it to me always (not buying expensive stuff but be sweet to me) because it makes her so happy too.

So below is the picture of me showing it off! By the way, don’t mind my big tummy. I am currently working on it. LOL!!

Levi's Curves

Forgive me for being such a showoff, you all know that things like this happens to me once in a blue moon! Thank God for Hubby!

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