Silence from My End

I am sorry for being so silent lately. It seems that the typhoons in my life right now have not yet left. After the electricity problems comes my boy’s sickness. He is currently having cough and colds. Aside from that, we are bombarded with too many financial obligations that we were left short from our budget. That is why even how much I wanted to rest, I can’t. I need to help out as much as I can even though it means that I sleep 3 hours per day only.

Anyway, aside from the fact that my baby is awake during the wee hours of the night, I am also alarmed with the noise outside the house. Talk have spread that some houses are being robbed, that is why I can’t sleep straight. I am always get awaken by small noises. We couldn’t install wireless alarms since it’s expensive for the budget but I can only take caution by being alert always.

Oh well, the baby is awake again. Love to chat more but the master needs attention. Ciao for now!

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