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My babies are both asthmatic and have very sensitive skins. So, to prevent an episode, I always make sure that my surrounding is clean and free from allergens and insects. I always believe that prevention is better than cure.
But as a woman as I am, I really love for my place to look pretty and nice. I wanted it well decorated but will not harm my children. Well, I used real plants as interior decorations before but the insects and bugs lives amongst them that is why I decided to remove it. Aside from that, I always forgot to water them causing it to die.Then I saw silk plants. They are fake plants but they look very real. I would love to have something like this because it would really keep the bugs off my place, making it beautiful yet not harmful to my children. Having interior plants really adds color and comfortable atmosphere. So, a fake plant that looks so real would really fit the description. Aside from that, I am a very busy mom. A low maintenance decoration would really be of great help for me. I can keep my living room beautiful and not having to water the plants all the time.

My birthday is coming very soon, would you like to buy one for me?


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