Simple Packing Tips

Most people find it very difficult to pack suitcases. In fact, they consider the activity an ordeal that just might not get accomplished soon. But the fact is, packing a suitcase shouldn’t be deemed as such a daunting task. Well at least that’s the case if you follow some simple and basic tips. If you read on, you just might get a few pointers on how to pack right and make the whole packing bearable.

First off, keep in mind that as much as possible you need to utilize all the available space in your suitcase while making sure that none of your clothes will get crumpled beyond recognition. So what you basically have to do is plan appropriately. Think about how much and what type of clothing you really need for the trip. If the place you’re staying in has laundry facilities, then there’s no reason for you to bring too many pieces of clothing. Second, ensure that when you pack your clothes the items which wrinkle the easiest are at the bottom of your stack of clothing.

One more thing, if you need to bring your own toiletries make sure you transfer some of the content into smaller containers and bring those smaller bottles with you instead. This would allow you to space as much space as possible that you can use for other stuff.

There actually are Luggage Sets offered in bundles meaning that you have one luggage big enough to fit your clothes and then there are additional smaller bags for toiletries and shoes. Most often than not the smaller bags can be attached or fitted into the bigger luggage, thus you save yourself from the trouble of having to bring too many pieces of luggage. Most importantly, these luggage sets are made of sturdy materials so you can be sure that your stuff will stay protected and organized.

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13 thoughts on “Simple Packing Tips

  1. I am the WORST when it comes to packing. For some reason, I either never pack enough or I pack too much. I like your suggestion about not packing too much if the place you’re staying has a laundry service or room. When you’re packing for toddlers and infants, this is almost a necessity!

    Visiting you from vB 🙂

  2. I cannot pack to save my life! and I always manage to forget things if I pack ahead of time, so I do it at the very last minute so I know I won’t forget anything.. 😛 Weird noh, sa iba kelangan ahead of time mag pack na para wala makalimutan sa akin baliktad.. 😀

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  5. Oh my gosh, I hate packing when we go out to visit my in-laws over the weekend. Especially now that I am packing for 3! I overly pack most of the time but I regret it if I don’t pack enough and end up ‘needing’ more clothes! Try as I may, I haven’t gotten the rhythm of packing just right yet. I’ll keep you posted when I do. Hahaha!


  6. I am not good in packing. Laging may naiiwan or nakalimutan ako.. Kahit na i-prepare ko pa one day before, talagang may nakakalimutan. Maybe I am a victim of Murphy’s Law.. ahaha

  7. when it comes to packing i get a bag and vacuum all the air out making it reduce by loads thus helping get more vin the case i hope this is helpfull

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