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Simple Tips For Effective DIY Upholstery Cleaning

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Home furniture are considered as great investments thus a little attention and care are needed to ensure their beauty is kept beyond expected years. Finding upholstery cleaners Brooklyn is easy but there are also simple yet effective ways to main and clean your precious upholstery.

Using common household tools you can, scrape off dust particles that got stuck in your upholstered chairs or sofa. Use a plastic spatula for this because it is soft and pliable and it won’t pull the fabric. Regular vacuuming will also help remove dirt particles and crumbs in hard to reach crevices of your furniture. For first aid help against stains, you can make use of baby wipes or wet wipes to get rid of stains. It is soft and moist and will not cause any abrasions on the fabric of your upholstered furniture. You may also use hydrogen peroxide for some hard to remove food stains such as grape juice, grease and wine.

When cleaning up upholstered furniture for maintenance purpose, it is advisable to test stain removers on a small hidden are to see its effect before using it on your whole furniture. Some stains are easily removed with corresponding products such as dishwashing liquids, vinegar, cleaning spray or alcohol. Regularly having your upholstery cleaned by professionals will ensure that any other issues you have with your furniture are addressed properly and effectively.

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