Simplicity is Beauty


When I was doing a series of posts about my dream home, I don’t only blog about the physical designs of my dream house but also its interior fixtures. Just like my blog posts about pearl, I really desire simple beauty when it comes to the things I used and to the things that surrounds me.
Having asthmatic children, I always prefer that my dream house would use blinds. Aside from its beauty, blinds are easy to clean from dusts. It will also save you from future expenses on additional cleaning materials.

There are many kinds of blinds and these are of course produced in horizontal and vertical orientation. Since my dream home would have big windows, I prefer to have simple vertical blinds. And I saw one that I really love from Select Blinds. They have these white vertical blinds that would really look great in my living room. Well, there are also brown wooden blinds that would also match my kitchen theme. Actually they have plenty of designs to choose from and most of them come in stylish and elegant colors. They also offer discounts on purchases. I believe it’s a very good deal.Though my future dream home is still far away, it’s better to see the mental picture of it. Doing such will continue to motivate me to achieve it.


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