Sleeping Early at 1AM

Yes guys and gals! You heard it right. I am sleeping early today. I need to prepare for some family bonding with my children tomorrow. Even though I work at home, I need to have a special day for them too. A day where we can be together and stay away from my PC.
A rest from my PC wouldn’t hurt that bad I guess. LOL!! Oh well, gotta go…see you all tonight or whenever I am online.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping Early at 1AM

  1. grabe ka mommy, is 1 am early for you. 🙂 hehe, thats TOOOOO late for me. sleep well and keep urself fit. 🙂

  2. Hey…

    Ang aga mo naman matulog. Not fair. Baka magkasakit ka nyan ha? Hehehe…pang asar ba?

    Anyway, you’re right. Spending time away from you beloved PC will not hurt…if anything it will be good for you.

    Enjoy your family time!

    Mommy J

  3. hahaha! I had almost the same post last night…but mine was at 11pm..but still I ended up sleeping late ky chika2 pa with jesu.

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