Slimming Down?

I have grown so big already. When my husband and I met agreed to be in a relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend, my waist lines was 22 inches. Now, after almost 12 years of marriage and three children, my waist line is now 32 and expanding! So I can’t blame my clothes for not fitting into this huge body anymore. LOL!

To be honest, I am desperately planning to try one of the diet pills sold in Facebook. I have been tagged so many times with their photo testimony that somehow those pictures are getting into me. I felt that I need to slim down. Well, if I don’t take the easiest way then this means I need to do the longest and surest way to slim down – exercise!! Ouch!!

Anyway, here is the video that I am dying to try out – Zumba Waka Waka. It was shared to me by a friend at Facebook. I am still watching it. Doing it would be a different story. LOL!!

9 thoughts on “Slimming Down?

  1. Zumba! I have tried it at the 24 HR Fitness gyms in California. They’re such fun and amazing classes. Having given birth to two babies myself, I need the workout too!

  2. Wow! 22 inches? I am considered as slim but my lowest waist line measurement was 23.. 😀 I’m only at 27 or 28, but I can still squeeze into some of my 26 inch waist jeans.. 😀 hehe

    I would love to try this out too! I want abs, so if it can give me that, I am in! 😀

  3. This is the dilemma of most mommies. Not all of us are blessed to have back our pre-pregnancy weight and shape. To be honest, it’s so hard to exercise. From 99 lbs. i’m now 119 lbs. Would you believe that I am even thinner after giving birth compared to my present look and weight now.

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