So Hard…

A text from my hubby just came in lately. He informed me that he will not be able to come home on my birthday. The news really saddens me and made me cry. I have wanted to see him for so long. Even though we have a very rocky marriage, my love for him is stronger as ever. Well, he said that maybe around the 29th he would be allowed by their management to take a leave since he holds a lot of responsibilities at the plant but that doesn’t guarantee that he will be here.
Anyway, as my birthday approaches, instead of being happy I have been feeling so down. All heartaches have gone my way especially my husband’s not coming home and CC over dues, sometimes I thought if I could still carry it anymore. I felt that I am already in the verge of giving up all the things I have hoped for.Sometimes the easiest and simple ambitions are the ones that are really hard to achieve. I am not after any materialistic items. I am contented with the tangible things that I have. The only thing that I really desired is a happy marriage and a happy family. That’s my wish and that’s what I longed for. No more. No less. Why is it really hard to achieve??

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