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So Many Things to Buy, Oh So Little… Cash

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My kids have this wish list of toys and stuff that they want – things that I want to get them. But these are wants, and I get it, wants cannot come first, but needs do.

Then there are these things that they need for school. NEED being the operative word and I know I have to get it because their school programs require it of them. I just wish they would give these notices, like, two months in advance so I can be prepared for whatever I have to pay for. Still, it makes me wonder if I should start considering getting an online cash advance.

But with all my experience with that kind of crowd, I am a bit hesitant. It would help me loads and help get the weight off my back, but I wonder if it is worth it. I do need to reassess my capabilities to make the commitments, otherwise, I would have problems with it again.

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