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Social Networking and Me

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I started joining social networking websites when friendster was introduced to me. I just joined because most of my classmates back in high school and college have accounts there. Since, I really wanted to rekindles some of my old friends and also want to gain new ones, I didn’t hesitated maintaining it until today. I also joined myspace, multiply, facebook and other social networking websites but I got too busy that is why I wasn’t able to maintain them.
Today, there are many sites that are based on a social networking structure but have a different goal aside from socializing. Examples of these companies are blogcatalog, dig, stumbleupon, propeller and more. You can still socialize with members while sharing found blogs, websites, articles and others.

Since I was up all night, I decided to hop on profile pages at propeller because I am still awfully new there. The first profile I visited was owned by Daniel P Neumeister and then moved on to several profiles that uses codenames instead of their real names. Then after several hopping, I noticed that propeller was owned by AOL. Ha! Consider that old news but that was new discovery to me.

Anyway, does anyone of you reading this a member of propeller? If so, what is your username?

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