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While there are a lot of techie moms, those who are not still overpower those who are, in numbers. Operating a computer may be easily learned by a grade school kid but for many adults, it takes quite some time. Perhaps it is the curiosity and fearlessness of kids, their explorative condition, which is normal, these are the traits that make kids get the hang of using a computer so easily. You might be surprised the peope making them earn are usually kids playing!

A mom who buys a set of computer does not need to know how to make it work apart from switching it on and shutting it down properly. Usually now, a software bundle gets the stress level down to minimum.

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  • Donna Jane Marcuap

    I agree with you Ms. Ruby 🙂 the fact that kids don’t fear on trying new things. I have here my 5 yr old niece and she is really great in operating the computer (I mean she could do the switching on of the avr , then the CPU and she even know if the monitor needs to be switched on)she always watch and listen to music video at youtube and videokeman.She memorizes the url!(some are bookmarked so it’s easy to pick):D I can’t imagine that my 5 yr. old niece is knowledgeable than my 25 yr old. classmate in terms of computers . I don’t know that software bundle, I wonder if my mom knows about that too. 🙂

  • nancy

    My daughters and my nieces are so much knowledgeable with computer operation compared to the rest of the adults here in our household, hehe.

    The more I allow them to use my computer on weekends, the more responsible they have become. Tita set the rules and they obey, 😀

  • Stef

    I guess we don’t really have to be too techie in order to cope with the advancements of technology. Kids can indeed learn faster in this aspect because they still go to school and for all we know, they can learn a lot from institutions that they cannot learn from us. And I’m not talking about their teachers or their lessons but their fellow kids as well. 🙂

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