Software for Eye Problems


In the past few months, I made a post on a new technology on corrective measures on eye problems. It was a surgical ophthalmology called lasik surgery. It correct eye problems through surgery and no longer patronize the inconvenience of using eye glasses.Now another technology has been discovered in relation to lasik surgery. Dr. Perry S. Binder and his Outcomes Analysis Software can now help improve lasik results. The software can help predict the outcome of refractive, lasik, PRK, acuity, nomogram, Phakic IOL, and cataract based on data. These data are collected from past procedures by the doctor.

Such software can help improve results from surgeries on eye related problems. This can also help prevent from future complications or wrong results. By the way, they offer a free demo on this software. I guess every ophthalmologist should consider testing the software. It may save more eye sights than ordinary record keeping.

Many new things are happening around to improve life. There is much to be discovered!

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