Solar Energy in the Philippines

Every time I watch our local news, I see people complaining about the rotating brown out in Luzon particularly in Manila. Well, I couldn’t help but sympathize with them since we too here in Bacolod are suffering from scheduled brown out.

My husband said that the increasing demand of electricity usage is too great from what our power plants can provide that is why there is a rotating or scheduled brown out. The only solution for this kind of problem is for the government to expand power production by look for new and innovative ways to produce them or get your house a home solar kit!

Yes, you read my post right! There is such thing as a home solar kit that can be bought and used as an alternative electricity source for your home. We all know that solar energy in the Philippines is possible since we are considered to be a tropical island. That simply means we have more sunshine here!

But solar energy is good for individual uses but not for mass production. Just like what I commented at the forum with the topic Solar Energy wherein I participated, I believe that it requires a bigger land area to have solar panels installed to collect sufficient solar energy to provide for the masses to use which I believe is not feasible. But installing home solar kits to individual homes is indeed possible. No more land area to convert but only roofs to install.

As for me, I am thinking of getting my own home solar kit. If El Niño is making its toll on us, why not harness his power to generate electricity for my home?! That would be taking advantage for our benefit right?

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