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When we went to church yesterday, I remembered that our pastor mentioned that he once read a book by a famous Christian author that faith is like muscles. They can be developed. So in life’s unending problem, it really takes faith to weigh it out. We need faith to believe in GOD and it also takes faith to please Him.

If muscles can be developed by the help of 1 androsterone, how can you develop faith? As the definition says, faith is believing on things unseen. So that means when we have faith in GOD it also means we believe in Him and the things that He can do to help our lives even without seeing it. I am not biblically well-versed but the only thing I remembered on how to develop faith is by reading the Bible and learn God’s promises. We can’t have faith if we don’t know what He has done in the lives of other people. We can’t have faith if we don’t know His promises.Even in my own personal life, I know I needed to develop more faith. It also takes faith to believe, hope for things in life and be optimistic because without it, a person may take his own life once he feels hopeless on problems.

In conclusion, I need to read the Bible more often. I am guilty of opening it every Sunday only during fellowships. Bad Chetah Me!!

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