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On May 3, my sister will be celebrating her birthday. I was hoping to give her something nice and funny but I was able to find something for myself and not for her when I was searching a gift online. I saw a website that sells lingerie, sexy lingerie, plus size lingerie and more. Their designs are pretty much daring in some aspects but I think these kinds of designs should be used more often in marriage. Something to make marriage more sparkly!!I spent a lot of time browsing I was amazed how they have a lot of designs to choose from. After awhile, my husband noticed the pictures and he asked me what I am doing. I just simply told him that I was looking for a Father’s Day Gift for him. He laughed eventually. But the funny thing is, he sat beside me. He was looking at the displayed lingerie. When I was about to say something, he pointed into a picture and said: “That one looks good on you, I like that one. Buy it for me!” Then, I burst to laughter!! He really was so serious about having lingerie as a gift for him on Father’s Day. He liked it!!

Anyway, that would be an added bonus for me. My gift to him but I will be the one using it. Isn’t that fantastic??!!

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