After I have finished posting my long rant, me and my friend Ezrah of Deranged Insanity was chatting about my unfortunate life events and her blog problems. So, we did a little experiment which resulted to a big mess!! We could no longer retrieve her old custom domain ( Since both of us have no knowledge whatsoever, we have to fix it immediately by buying her a new domain name: Guys…PLEASE…if you have exchanged link with her, can you update your links again to www.betterthanezrah.ORG.The dot com domain is no longer accessible. So please use the dot ORG domain.

Actually, it’s my fault and I accept that. I am really SORRY for the inconvenience. Please let’s help her update her links at your blogs.

I Messed UpDeranged Insanity

I'm Sorry

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3 thoughts on “SORRY FOR THE BIG MESS!!

  1. To err is human, to forgive is divine.Sabi ng titser ko.Ganyan talaga ang life,move on,sabi ng lola ko,ang malilikot na bata,laging nakakatapak ng takla.Ang layo ano?Wala lang,enjoy life.

  2. awwwww thank you mommy ruby! no worries…i’m not mad pud oi…para kani lang? u’ve helped me a lot in my blog endeavors pud…

    thanks au mami ruby! and don’t worry 🙂 mwaaaah*

    i’m partly to blame pd… 😀

  3. “An error gracefully acknowledged is a victory won.” – Caroline Gascoigne
    You should be lauded for your gracious act in acknowledging your mistake. I believe that both of you have learned something from this episode, and I hope that this incident has brought both of you closer as friends. It would then be a blessing in disguise!

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