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One of my past times is reading articles from an article directory. This is one of my ways of acquiring new knowledge on recent happenings all over the internet since articles submitted here are always related to websites such as blogs, business and even online stores for clothes, toys, movies and more.

Aside from giving you knowledge on the latest happenings online, it also gives you fresh ideas and concepts about everyday things. It gives your brain a constant food to chew.

Anyway, aside from article reading, I am also a great fan of FACEBOOK, PLURK, TWITTER, GOOGLE READER and blog hopping if you want to know the latest trends and news online.

So, here is the question, where do you get the latest news or trends on what happening online? Do you get it straight from TV, magazines or online?

3 thoughts on “Source of the Latest Everything

  1. I didn’t know plurk has news or articles too. i thought its just plurk plurk hehehe. Well i get latest news and updates from the TV and online.

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