Special Diet for Me

My father is really worried about my lifestyle. I am awake during at night and some part of the day, and I only sleep for a few hours (think about the kids not allowing me to go to sleep). So, he decided to put me into a special diet. He plans to cook food that will suit my way of life and for my body to recuperate from stress due to lack of sleep.
And guess whats on the menu his planning…
Well, I don’t mind eating them. I like vegetables and fruits but somehow I felt that the nutrients detest me. I am not gaining any weight either rested or not. (The picture is quite exaggerating – no strawberries, only bananas and mangoes.)

Oh well, I might be blogging about a blogger’s diet courtesy of my father. LOL!!!

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  • Mummy Sheng

    how admirable of your dear dad to do that! it’s about time that you really have to think about your health dear!

    take care always!

  • Edelweiza Mabalay

    you’re dad’s so thoughtful! i love fruits and vegetables, i think i also need that kind since i also sleep late at night and is always stressed from work. hehe 🙂

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