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If you remember my post earlier about my hubby telling my baby boy that he has plans to buy our very own house in the near future, my mind started to tick with thoughts again. I kept on thinking how our house would probably look like and, if resources really permit, what I wanted it to look like. Besides, I am the queen and I stay longer in the palace since the hubby needs to go to war in order to bring home the bacon every 15 days.

Since we are in the modern age where simplicity and beauty are defined by having stainless steel combined with other materials, I have found a site that sells matchless blomus stainless steel products that are equally stunning in beauty. They have many products and one of the most unique is their blomus stainless steel fireplace. Though we live on a tropical island, having a fireplace with such elegance is still nice. The beauty of it installed in the center of your living room or family room would really be a beautiful addition to a home. They also sell stainless steel fireplace accessories if you need to add more on your existing fireplace.They also have blomus stainless steel mailboxes that are really unique in design. If the house is far from the gates or perimeter fence, it would be a great choice to have one. You will be sure that your letters and packages wouldn’t get rust all over it.

Anyway, my dream home might be a few years away. I think I needed to cook it more with a prayer for it to come true!

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