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I guess it is already a very faded phrase because it has been used billions of times all over the world—times are hard. I am just echoing it. And it just keeps getting harder. People, even those who are college graduates and who have passed their board exams, discover that in the real world (meaning outside their schools), it is so hard to find jobs.

That is why if you are working in a job that you like, where the pay is good, do everything to stay there, especially if you have nothing better to work on if you get out. Unless of course, you want to start a business or something that you are sure will really do well. But well, there is no surety to it.

I hear of many people who keep on complaining about their jobs. In reality, they are better of than the many people who are now jobless or are just contented with doing blue collar jobs that are well below their capacities. So be happy and contented. Whatever you are doing right now.


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shydub March 8, 2011 - 11:01 pm

marz i love the color, the design and everything, bahalaa off topic basta i luvz it

mama March 9, 2011 - 9:06 am

oh yeah, times are really hard. but during these times, we only prove more that God is faithful…and like marz shydub, i really love the design. who did the template marz?


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