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Staying Connected through Audio Conferencing

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Thanks to the advancements in technology, people all over the world can now be connected through Audio conferencing. And many of those who are especially thankful are Filipino families with loved ones working abroad.
Even though they could not see each other, Audio conferencing allows both parties to hear each other, to appreciate the laughter, to hear the soothing voice, or to just giggle at a chuckle. This is already so much better than just merely exchanging e-mails, even if there are videos attached. Videos are also nice but there is no communication going on as it is only a one-way thing.
During the Audio conference, you get to talk to your loved one on real time. This is very nice if you have a fast and reliable internet connection because they the conversation is very clear and crisp. The signal does not lag so even if a mom and her two kids are talking to their Dad who is living far away from them, the words do not get jumbled.
In the past, long distance phone calls to international destinations are very expensive. But thanks to the internet and those efficient software, this service is now free to all who have computers and internet.
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