Stress Musings

I was doing my usual drop earlier this morning. I did 300 for Pinay Mommy Online and the rest was just a “drop at me and I will drop back at you” system. I was in a hurry because I woke up very late at 9:00am in the morning for sleeping around 4:00am in the morning.As I look at myself in the mirror, I started to feel uncomfortable with how I look. Well, I don’t appear as if I needed a rhinoplasty in Philadelphia but I looked so stressed. I have been blogging about this but still I have left with no choice. I need to stay awake during the night to be able to grabs assignments. There are billions of bloggers out there and few available tasks, you need to stay up to get one (lucky if you get two).

Well, sometimes I do wish I could have a sleep over even just for one night but most of the time I also get the feeling that I should stay awake because of the “what if” reasons (What if there’s an assignment? It would be too bad.).

Maybe that is how a mommy blogger would feel when her means of income is always of chasing dollars online. Maybe to some but not to all, some bloggers are already rich. They don’t need money, they blog just for fun or self expression. How I wish I would be like them! LOL!

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  • Jeff

    Don’t worry mommy ruby, you are on your way to reaping the monetary benefits of blogging. Any amount is better than nothing – that’s what I try to tell myself since I tried chasing dollars online, too last January. You’re on the right track.

  • mommy elvz

    Another stressed mommy here so you’re not alone mommy 🙁

    And i’m pressured chasing dollars online, my bills are piling up! huhuhu

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