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Style, Substance and Safety: Top Bathroom Considerations

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The bathroom is no longer a place just for necessity and practicality. We live in a world where bathing is encouraged and something which should be enjoyed by all.

Due to this, there is an array of considerations to be aware of when creating a new space for bathing. Below we look at the top three issues to ensure the bathroom will be a room universally accepted by family and guests alike.


There are now more options than ever before to help create the perfect style for your bathroom. This room is now an integral part of the design of a home; it appears that if the style of the bathroom is not right the rest of the home won’t fall into place. While it is not always possible to make the bathroom one of the most desirable in the world; there is definite scope to give it a good go.


Getting the most out of your bathroom can be no easy achievement. In many homes, the size of the bathroom tends to be the smallest room in the house. To get the most out of this room the design and layout have to compliment the style effortlessly. The main requirements of a bathroom are simple: toilet, shower and sink.

However, with enough space further storage options should be considered while not made to look like clutter. To create this balance it can be quite difficult. Through making clear and detailed designs it will ensure the bathroom’s layout has been carefully planned and considered, visualising the end goal will showcase whether the bathroom is cramped and over-the-top or has the perfect substance.

When using a small space it is essential to cut as much substance out of the design as possible. Is there really a need for the extra cupboard or larger sink? Do I choose to just have a shower instead of a bath? These questions need to be asked and answered accurately in order to create the perfect balance.


When creating a bathroom space where someone with restricted movement will be using it, safety aspects need to be considered very carefully. Not only is the style and substance a difficult combination to master but with safety elements also becoming a priority, the process is more difficult.

Thankfully, there are ways to increase the safety of the bathroom with just a few useful additions.

Grab bars: Installing grab bars is a relatively straightforward and cheap process. Strategically positioning them in certain areas such as along the bath and near the toilet will create an easy but simple way for people to lift themselves and move around when bathing.

Flooring: The flooring in a bathroom can be hazardous for even the able-bodied. With increased moisture levels, the tiles may become slippery when wet and this does not create much confidence for some visitors to the bathroom. It is important to look at the design of the tiles and ensure they will provide a good deal of grip. Investing in additional bath mats and floor mats may also be required.

Ease of access: Premier Bathrooms can help with an array of appliances that can ease the effort and pressure needed to use a bath or shower. By purchasing an appliance that is easy to use for those with mobility issues, it decreases the pressure and increases the safety for anyone who struggles with their daily hygiene.

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