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Sugar in Brazil

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Over the internet, I have learned so many things and who wouldn’t be?? Being online for almost 24hours, surfing, clicking, researching and dropping are just my usual routine.

I was in Bacolod for almost 3 years; I have come to experience seeing vast fields of sugar plantations and sugar canes transported everywhere. Though I was not able to visit the actual site, I really wondered how sugar was processed. Now, I am here in Cagayan de Oro, I am also near Bukidnon where sugar plantations abound. Still, circumstances have not permitted me to see it yet.

When I searched online about sugar production, I came across on how sugar from Brazil is made. They have been producing sugar for the longest time and in good quality. Raw sugar is processed meticulously to produce high quality sugar product such as ICUMSA 45. This type of sugar is well preferred by highly developed countries because of its cleanliness and pure-white granules.

Oh well, I still want to see them actually done. Someday when I get a chance, I will try to see them actual and get that first hand experience.

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