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Sukanto Tanoto Provides Jobs Across Asia


Sukanto Tanoto
Sukanto Tanoto

When Sukanto Tanoto started his first business, he was a supplier of parts for industries all over China. However, he had a vision for a company that could keep industry moving all across Asia. This vision allowed him to create an empire that has over $10 billion in assets, and this vision made it possible for him to employ tens of thousands of people all over the continent. Look over Sukanto Tanoto’s page for more information.

The Company

The company is a supplier of parts and machinery that are sent all over the continent. Asia has had its own industrial revolution over the past 50 years, and the continent is getting so busy that the supplies must come in faster and faster. His business has grown to go far beyond China and Japan. He has offices in China, Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong. He has customers all over the continent, and he employs people who do all manner of work.

The Supplies

The supplies that are sent out all over the continent must come from many different factories that Mr. Tanoto owns. He has employees who work on the factory floors to supply for their families, but he also has people in management who run these factories. His offices employee people who work in clerical fields as well as executives who will one day run the company. His company is a supplier of so many jobs to so many people that it is almost to big to fail.

The Products

When people are using products from t shirts to shampoos, they are using products that are somehow touched by this business. It is a good lesson in how to run a company. Companies should be diverse, and the consumers who use their products should not have any idea how many of the products are made by the same firm. People who want to start their own business will find that there is much more to do in the world than sell one product. Also, they will find that they can provide for many more people when they are diverse.

The Goal

The goal of any business owner should be to act like Mr. Tanoto. He has created an empire that serves the families of the nearly 50,000 workers he has, and that empire supplies products to people all over the world. The best businesses benefit nearly everyone involved, and this is the business model shown here.

A record of persistence and expansion is one that is seen here today. The best way for someone to take their lessons from this man is to remember that he has done much more than simply start a large company that made him wealthy. This company allows people to live their dreams, provide for their families and have the lives that they wanted to have. Without such visionary leaders, there would not be enough industry in the world to support the growing population. In Asia, this makes the firms one of the most important out there as it helps people survive.

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