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Summer Sale Everywhere

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Did you realize that when you go out to the mall, you can see Sale signs almost everywhere?  Did you too realize that that is a temptation especially for moms who are trying to save up and who shops with a priority list?  Really! They are a temptation and I admire those moms and friends who can resist the temptation to shop.

Sale shoes!  Sale dresses!  Sale summer clothes!  Just everywhere in the big malls.  Trust me, if you have no plans to shop for more clothes and you don’t have the budget for any new clothes yet you are so weak to resist such temptation, then don’t go shopping!

Personally, I shop with a priority list because I love the idea of living comfortably within your means.  It is not wrong through to want other things, but when I start wanting and really wanted a thing badly, I do save up for it.  To save up for it, I took it from the extra or the amount left from taking out the budget for the priority list.  With this kind of practice, it makes me feel that I am a responsible parent and a responsible shopper.  I am not the impulsive type, though I have friends who are impulsive shoppers. Like my friend Liz who saw a  fender stratocaster for sale and she bought it right away without thinking If it is really the one she wanted!  Result, she told me later, it’s not being in use because it is not of the right color.  See?  That’s a waste of dollars even though it was bought on a sale price.

So my advice for friends and family, always have a list to follow when going out to the mall or the grocery store because when you don’t have a list, you will end up buying so many things that are not on your list and you will realized that they were not the things that you really wanted.

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