Superbook will Be Shown Again in the Airwaves!


Just a few days ago, my co-workers were talking about our childhood memories. We talked about a lot of things from music, movies and the way of life while growing up in the 80s. Another thing that we came to talk about are the animated Bible-based series, Superbook and The Flying House. These two are one of the cartoons we eagerly anticipate on TV when we were little. My friend even said that she was a member of the fan club Superbook had before. It was a fun discussion and we were very nostalgic about it. One of them got teary-eyed recalling her childhood memories.


While we were on the topic, I blurted out that the new Superbook animated series will be shown here in the Philippines starting this coming June 1, Saturday at 7:30AM at GMA TV Channel. They will also be showing the classic series on the same time, every Sunday starting June 2, 2013. As they heard the news, they were very happy. My co-worker who has children was so excited. She said, her kids need to see this too.


As a parent, I am very much thrilled with this. Not for nostalgic reasons but because I believe that my children and this generation needs to be exposed to Biblical-based animated series to enforce morality and closeness to our Maker. Not to mention, a lot of cartoons right now are not well-made and doesn’t have moral values. It only entertains but doesn’t teach the children anything. Well, not all, but most of them.

Anyway, how about you guys? Especially those who are living here in the Philippines, are you excited with the new Superbook? Will you be watching with your kids too??

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